The Past

Our first collie, Maiken's Bowie 1971  --Nuch Nv C.Xerxes, Nuch C.Zhoot Zpin,Nuch C.Belle Anna,Nuch C.           

                                                                           Racune blue Rose, Nuch Dindella Annabella, Nuch C. J'Y Suis J'Y Reste

Nuch Lynmead Lets Go Black


Left: Damelral Domitzia, Dindella Annabella, Dindella Princ Charming

Nuch Crubow's Easy Love

Nuch Crubow's V.S.O.P

Nuch Crubow's Zhoot Zpin

Crubow's All My Drean Come True

Nuch NV 98 Frobisher Freelansing Amalie

Nuch Crubow's Proper Pilot

Int.Nuch Nord-02 NV 04 Amalie Just In Time

Ticker and his daugther

Nuch Crubow's X-Zena

Int DkCh Crubow's Quick Monty

Nuch C.Up-To-Date Nuch C. Vision Of Love

Nuch Crubow's Gentle Touch

IntNuch KBV EuV Crubow's Firecracker.

Crubow's Kissmet

Nuch Crubow's Equina Blue Rose

Nuch NV Crubow's Theme Over Blue Rose

Left Nuch C. Everlade  Blue, Nuch C.Equina Blue Rose,Just After Dark at Amalie. IntNuchEurW KjW C.Firecrakcer

Nuch Lynmead Lets Go Black

Crubow's Kissmet

Nuch Dindella Annabella

Jeg Bir Med Tiffy, Dommer Berit Foss

    Nuch C.Zoot Spin

    NuchNV Frobisher Freelansing    Amalie

Nuch Dindella Annabella